A Fun 3-4 Day Drive No Entry Fee or Preregistration
Bottom Buster
Motor Tour

2023 Tour is scheduled! April 17-19, 2023

Big Thanks to Henry for stepping up.
Details for the Tour:
Covid precautions recommended. Please help everyone stay safe.

2023 tour will be April 17-19
Visit the Facebook Page and post some pictures if you have some to share: As a courtesy, please RSVP to -- Let me know if you will be joining us this year; if you wish to come to the various dinners (*subject to any COVID restrictions at the time) and if you will be skipping Pasadena.
We are now set up with special rates at Adelaide Inn as in past years. The special rates are for Bottom Buster Motor Tour for reservations made by March 17th.
There are 15 rooms at the special rates, so book early. 5 rooms with single queens at a rate of $111.60 plus tax per night, as well as 5 King rooms and 5 double queen rooms for $129.60 plus tax per night.

Schedule for the 2023 tour:

Monday April 17

ROSE BOWL Front Entrance, N Arroyo Blvd off Seco Street

Meet: 7:00 AM   Leave: 7:30 AM
Enjoy the back roads of Southern California on your way to Paso Robles for the night.
Lodging: Adelaide Inn, (805) 238-2770, 1215 Santa Ysabel Ave., Paso Robles, CA 93446. Dinner TBD, check back.

Tuesday April 18
Leave: 8:00 AM – Enjoy another day of scenic driving.
Lodging: Adelaide Inn, (805) 238-2770, 1215 Santa Ysabel Ave., Paso Robles, CA 93446. Dinner TBD, check back.

Wednesday April 19
Leave: 8:00 AM – Your option to enjoy another day of scenic driving back to Pasadena or break off whenever you wish and head for home.
Patty Cook, Scribe to the Disorganizer


No Frills Iron Bottom Motoring Tour Thanks to for this NFIBMT history:

It started in 1999 and ended in 2008. It started with 17 cars and ended with 117. There were no sponsors and no goodie bags. Not one penny was spent on advertising. It became one of California's premier vintage events. It was the "No Frills Iron Bottom Motoring Tour."

Conceived as a spoof of the California Mille, The "No Frills" became one of "Mille" founder Martin Swig's favorite events. "Mille" participants wondered why there was nothing like the "Mille" in Southern California. The flippant answer was "there are no good roads in Southern California." The "No Frills" proved them wrong.

The "Mille" features a pre event gala street luncheon and car show on Nob Hill. The "No Frills" countered with a no host dinner in Pasadena and a car show in the parking lot. The "Mille" includes coffee breaks at "Starbucks" and catered lunches. The "No Frills" stopped at "In-N-Out" or picked up sandwiches at "Subway." The "Mille" price is up to $5,500, while the "No Frills" became the only vintage tour to pay entrants.

The "Mille" celebrated its' 18th year in 2008. The "No Frills" ended this year. What happened? Our flaunting of convention was our downfall. Some drivers took our "no rules" stance to mean that common sense was suspended. If someone decides to create a similar event in the future we wish them well and hope participants will know the difference between a tour on public roads and a club sponsored track day.

We would like to thank Ed Pasini for his time and dedication to this event. It has given many motorists representing the entire range of automotive enthusiasts miles of pure vintage driving experience. Thanks also to Jack Brown, his co-disorganizer.

Unfortunately participants in this years event [2008], specifically one that was showing everyone the Max Speed reading on his GPS of +140mph and another that did not take responsibility for property damage, exhibited enough poor behavior to push the organizers over the edge. Dangerous or irresponsible behavior is something they could not accept. This was certainly not in conformance with the Spirit of the Event and you cannot blame the organizers for canceling the event.

Bottom Buster Motor Tour

The Iron Bottom was started by "No Frills" Ed and the "Old Gear Heads" and lives on as the No Frills Bottom Buster Motor Tour. The first drive of the Bottom Buster was 2009, one year after Ed disbanded the Iron Bottom. Ed road with us in 2012 and was happy that the spirit of the Iron bottom lived on and gave his approval to use the phrase "No Frills".

The Bottom Buster Motor Tour is for vintage and classic cars. It is a 3-day road tour of central California.

It is a Motor Tour and not a race or road rally. Everyone is expected to drive safely and sanely. The route is straight forward. All mileage is estimated. If instructions say turn right when you should turn left is an honest mistake and not an attempt to get you lost. Bring maps, GPS, and use common sense. Check your cell phone coverage. If you break down, you are on your own. Other participants may stop to help because they are good people, but you are ultimately responsible for your own vehicle.

The Bottom Buster Motor Tour has been run every year since 2009, except for 2020 due to Covid.
See UPCOMING DRIVES for future details, happening later.

Las Vegas Iron Bottom

No Frills
Tri-State / Fall Fling

1k mi, Las Vegas to Las Vegas
Oct. 1, 2, & 3, 2018
Featuring the Fabulous Red Rock Country of AZ and UT.


***This is as close as we will get to a frill!***
These are suggested eateries. They are small establishments so we should stagger our group lunches so as not to overwhelm them, depending on number of attendees.


STARTING POINT. Oct. 1, 2018, 7:30am, Iron Skillet. 6595 N. Hollywood Blvd., Petro Truck Stop, N. Las Vegas, Nevada, 89115 (Speedway exit)

For Information Contact ED PASINI

This is a fun event. We have three days to cover the route so there is time to stop for pictures, coffee or just to enjoy the scenery. The route includes many interesting and scenic roads. We will be traveling through one of America’s premier vacation areas. There will be the usual number of motor homes and trailers. Practice safe courteous driving and share the road. REMEMBER THIS IS A TOUR NOT A CONTEST OF SPEED.


You make your own reservations. Stay where you want to stay. See what you want to see. Eat what you want to eat. Have a good time and enjoy the comradery. That is your responsibility